A Perfect Commercial And Residential Castle for sale In Austria

Rich people buying castles, is now becoming a trend. This is why so many new buildings are being built on the format of old architecture designs, especially those following the patterns of old European architecture. Castles, as obvious as it is, are expensive and only rich people or those with huge savings can buy them but we must not forget that they prove to be great investments too. Therefore, whatever money you spend for buying the castle comes back to you when you use it as a commercial property. You can always give parts of the property for rent and vacation rental as well.

If you have been looking at various castles in many countries of the world, here is a chance for you to own one in Austria. This castle is located in Vienna, Austria. The castle is built only at an 80-minute drive from the international airport in Vienna so accessing this marvelous property is never an issue. The castle is surrounded by lush green lands and offers privacy and some seclusion as well. This is a perfect place for those who want to spend some time out of the busy world in a place where they can experience serenity only.

It can also serve as a commercial building due to its size and the size of the rooms in it. As a commercial building it is most suited to be converted into a place for meetings, conferences or weddings. There are 20 bedrooms in this castle and every room is big, spacious and looks amazing. The castle is huge with a little more than 4000sq meter of the area built for living. There are huge parklands and meadows surrounding the castle giving the resident of the castle a chance to walk around, run or arrange gatherings of friends, relatives and colleagues.

There is enough space available around the castle that can be extended to increase the accommodation of the castle. All that is needed for basic living is already included on the property such as kitchen, boilers, heating system, church etc. For people interested in the building as a business investment there are many state and conference rooms. The courtroom and conference rooms are located on the third floor whereas the first and second floor is mainly for residential purposes. There is also a grain house of 480sq meter that can be converted into a living space by the owner of the castle.

There is also a hunting lodge on the property. The castle is quite big to be called fit for a couple but is a perfect fit for a large family. It has enough space in it to accommodate a lot of guests at the same time. The chapel of the castle looks amazing with all the architecture looking as if you were living in the old times. The property has gone under renovation in the recent years but all the renovation has only been done to make it a reliable place to live in and no effects of the old and ancient architecture have been lost.