Solomons Castle for sale

The Mind Blowing Solomon’s Castle In Florida

You don’t always have to look to Ireland and Scotland if you want to explore a castle. There are hundreds of them located within the US. Albeit they are not really the castles from the ancient past but they are great places to live and tour. Furthermore, they are made with such detail and accurate imitation that you feel that you have been transferred to the old time when you are in the castle. Solomon’s Castle in central Florida is one such great castle that will blow your mind away with its beauty, uniqueness and creativity from the artist and sculptor Howard Solomon.

Solomon’s Castle is considered as one of the most expensive homes in US. This beautiful castle looks silvery from outside and shines like a gem on the lush green land. A grand entrance will lead you into the castle. The entrance has two guards standing on each side of the gate. You can’t enter the castle that easily because there is a moat around the castle to protect it from unauthorized intruders. The uniqueness of this moat is that there is a boat floating in it. This is actually a restaurant that can accommodate 60 people at a time and is called the boat in a moat.

The main building of the castle has 5 bedrooms so a single family can easily be accommodated. It can also be a great place to live for couples. There are 4 bathrooms in the castle and the boat in the moat is a ship of old Spanish style called the Galleon. One great thing about this castle’s interior is that it has a commercial kitchen. There is a big courtyard that boasts the sculptors and other pieces of art from Howard Solomon. For those who love horse there is a stable on premises too. There are 2 additional residences as well and the bell tower is another great addition.

Solomon’s Castle is built among lush green trees and grass. This is a perfect place for those who love nature and the quietness of being in nature. It is a perfect escape for those living busy working lives and looking for some serenity during vacations. The property sits on 70acres of land and the most beautiful part of the castle is that Horse Creek passes through it. Not to mention, the surroundings are full of thick trees – a typical tropical environment – and there are some wild animals found in there too.

At present, this castle is serving as a tourist spot and a day trip site for people spending their day out. The castle has received several appreciating reviews on the internet from people who have visited it. Most of the people love the castle and the fact that they are able to meet the great artist, Howard Solomon, on their trip. This is a perfect castle for couples and a single family to buy but even better for a commercial buying because the Galleon dining hall i.e. boat in a moat, is an amazing bed and breakfast facility any day.