France castle for sale

Castle for sale in France: the Enthralling Château de Corbère For A Luxurious Living

If you have always thought of living in a big luxurious house with acres of wilderness surrounding you so you can spend time with yourself and only your loved ones in private, Chateau De Corbere is the place for you. This castle located in France is built to make your dreams come true. Not many people in this world are able to afford the luxury they dream of but if you have the money to enjoy this luxury you should not hold yourself back. This castle offers you the best of the in-home comfort and the beauty of the outdoor nature.

The most amazing thing about this castle is that it comes from the 11th century so you know you own a piece of historical art when you have it. It has gone through renovations to make it a practical living place for the modern people. This castle is fully surrounded by the natural greenery and at first glance you might feel that it is drowned in the green trees and shrubs. The walls of the castle present a very unique view as parts of them are adorned with roses so when you look at the wall from a distance you will notice the redness on them.

This castle occupies an area of 7,000sq ft. on the land and this area has been put to good use. It is a perfect place either for a family or just a couple. There are a total of 14 rooms in the castle. 6 of the rooms are bathrooms whereas the remaining 8 rooms are bedrooms. The sitting rooms are extremely comfortable whereas there are 4 rooms so huge in size that you could hold special events in them. The size of the grand rooms and the arrangement of every room in the castle is so perfect that it is a great choice for hotel owners to make a hotel too.

The 4 big terraces of the castle are probably the most romantic places for couples to sit and dine together. These terraces overlook the vast and panoramic views of the area with mountains visible in the long distance. The main highlight of the castle is its beautiful swimming pool which is actually a heated swimming pool. Surrounding the swimming pool are the beautiful and fragrant lemon trees. The pool is made private from the surroundings with a cypress hedge that keeps the atmosphere around the pool cool and pleasant.

The property is built on such a big area that you can afford to have a tennis court or helipad on it too. The Italian gardens spread a very pleasant aura around this castle whereas the pergola included with the castle is a beautiful place for a couple to spend some romantic moments. The arched windows of the ancient styles in rooms are there to give you the beautiful view of the outside when you are reading a book, writing one or doing some other work. Currently the price of this castle is wavering around $8,820,000.