Searles Hopkins, Castle for sale in Massachusetts

Castle for sale in Massachusetts: Searles Hopkins Castle Redefined The Meaning Of Luxury

If you have been looking for luxurious homes and mansions, you should definitely consider buying a castle. It sounds funny to buy a castle in the modern times but we know how old fashions and trends repeat themselves over time. Furthermore, most of the castles in our world have gone through renovations to include proper sanitation, plumbing, electricity supply etc. What this means is that these old castles that have been built for centuries are fully practical for modern lifestyle. However, true luxury is felt when you go for a truly luxurious castle that stuns your senses and blows away your mind.

Searles Hopkins Castle is one of the most stunning castles you will find online. This castle is huge and is located in Great Barrington, MA. Giving it the first look you will realize that this castle was built with luxury in mind. The main building of the castle occupies a huge area of 40,000sq ft. on the land giving you enough space to wander around in the house without having to pass through congested rooms and narrow aisles. It is a true piece of art whether you look at its interior or the exterior. There is reason why they say that this castle cannot be replicated today.

The castle is a French style castle and was built in 1888. Experts after seeing this castle have agreed that the materials used in its making are rarely found today and were the best of their time. This is a perfect place for a big family to live and to hold gatherings with friends, relatives and other people. It has 14 beds so you can easily accommodate a lot of people in the house for sleeping. There are 15 baths so no one will have to wait in queue outside the bathrooms. The drawing room of this castle is probably the best thing it possesses.

The drawing has been decorated with gold leaf. There is also a music room in the house for music lovers and composers. The dome ceiling on the music room makes it look amazingly spacious. The dining room is huge with a big rug, chandeliers hanging from the top and pillar supporting the walls from all 4 sides. The fireplace in the castle can also serve the office room for working. Another huge chandelier hangs down from the ceiling in this room too. The front of the castle has a cross shaped pond and just a few more feet away lies the Housatonic River.

There is a carriage house, a loggia and even a garden temple included with the property. For those who like a little sports activity this castle also boasts a tennis court. All the modern facilities are available for people living in this castle including the TV service, internet and home security systems. This is a perfect place to live a life in comfort and serenity. The entire property is surrounded by greenery. There is green grass and thick green trees surrounding this property. The castle is meant for a single family.