A Private And Secluded Castle for sale in California Waiting For You

Do you like buying properties? Have you ever wanted to live in a luxurious house with stunning views of the ocean or a lake from your room? People spend their monies renting rooms in 5-star hotels to get the stunning views of the oceans and other marvelous wonders of the nature. However, there is no better feeling than having your own house in a stunning and spectacular location. Things can get even better if this house is a castle. If you have the money to enjoy the luxury, go for this stunningly beautiful castle in Eagle Lake, California.

This castle is going to be the most magnificent place you have ever been to in your life. It overlooks the lake and is nestled right in the middle of Klamath Falls and Lake Tahoe. The best thing about this castle is that it doesn’t give you the view of the water only from one location but almost every room in the house is going to let you look at the beautiful water. It has been built with extreme care and attention. The interior and exterior both have been equally treated with exterior built in a way that makes this castle look like an old castle from medieval times.

Imported stones have been used to build the exterior of this castle and these stones are big boulders. These effects were imitated because the castle is not really old and the castle was completed only 16 years ago in 1998. The recent completion guarantees that you will have all the modern facilities inside the castle. The castle comprises 146 acres on the land and gives you the luxury of having your own private beach and dock. The living space of the castle is built on an area of 7000 sq ft. There is a second home and car museum included with this castle too.

For safety of the dwellers of this castle there are 2 electronic gates. It has been built completely with the European Architecture in mind. The gothic fireplace is a great addition to its already stunning interior. The gourmet kitchen is big enough to let you move with freedom. If you like fishing, boating or any other water sports and activity, you can do all that without the interruption and presence of other people. From this we can see that this castle is built with privacy and seclusion in mind.

There are 5 bedrooms in this castle to accommodate a moderately sized family. The bedrooms are big and all of them provide a beautiful view of the lake right in front of the castle. Sun room is going to be your favorite place on cold mornings to have a cup of hot coffee. There are 4.5 baths included in the castle too. Most real estate agencies and agents call it the gem of the real estate. It’s a great place for people on the move because the airport is located at just a 10-minute drive from the castle. Go for this California gem because it is on sale right now.