Castles for sale: Normandy House In Southampton

Castle for sale: Normandy House In Southampton Is The True Beauty For Sale

Have you ever thought of living in a castle? If that sounds a little odd then the question should be, “have you ever thought of owning a castle?” You don’t have to go back in time to own a castle today. There are thousands of them on sale and if you only search online you will find some really stunning castles waiting for you to buy them. They are located everywhere i.e. Europe, South Africa, America, Asia etc. These castles look spectacular because they are built to look that way. Some of them are from the old times whereas others have recently been built to imitate those times.

Normandy House is located in Southampton, New York. This is one of the most beautiful houses you will find in Southampton not only because of the way it looks but for its location as well. This big house stands in the middle of green grass with big trees with their spread branches. This is a big castle comprising an area of more than 8 acres. If you really want to imitate the way of living of the old people, this is the place for you. It has been there for more than 8 decades now and it is a structure built with extreme care and detail.

There are 6 bedrooms in this castle so a family of many people can easily be accommodated in it. It also has 7.5 bathrooms and all the decoration inside the castle is done to meet the modern lifestyle. The castle is a perfect place for those who want to spend their vacations in a soothing and serene environment while looking at the beauty of the nature. While staying at this house you can get the most spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Lake Agawam. It will also blow you away with its stunningly beautiful rooms appearing one after another.

This castle took 7 years in its completion but looking the deep details of its architecture it seems that Polemus & Coffin must have built it in decades. Bedrooms, kitchen, sitting rooms, living room etc. you find everything in this house and so it is a perfect place for a family to live besides being a vacation house. As you come close to the house and the big gate opens in front of you, you are welcomed by the beautiful and fragrant apple trees as you travel closer to the main building.

Not to mention, you can always use this property for many other purposes after you have purchased it. Hence, this house is not just a purchase but a big investment towards your future finances. Normandy House is currently on sale and it is definitely someone lucky who will purchase this castle. The current price of the castle is $35,000,000. You are definitely going to fall in love with the setting and arrangement of the rooms inside this castle. All rooms are well-lit and additionally they have windows so you can let the natural light in too.