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Castle in Scotland: the Castle Built By William Wallace Could Be Yours

As soon as you think of castle you will have Scotland in mind. Due to a history full of wars fought with arrows, swords and javelins, Scotland has hundreds and thousands of castles. The good thing is that these castles are now on sale and people with enough money to buy them can enjoy the connection with Scottish history by living in them. Almost all the castles on sale today have gone through some renovation so to insert the modern facilities in them such as wiring, heating, insulation etc. In short, you will live in a castle but you don’t have to quit living with the modern world.

The amazing Midmar Castle in Scotland is said to have been built by William Wallace. This is a big castle with towers and turrets that will send you back to the old times as soon as you see them. The castle is built on a Z-type floor plan. The castle was built with the old defensive techniques in mind so you will see three towers on it: two are round whereas one is square in shape. The renovation done on the castle has not changed the way it looks and so you will find it just the way it was centuries ago with a few exceptions of the corbellings.

The only difference you will notice is when you enter the castle and find the modern facilities inside. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that some of the additional work done on the castle has lessened the effects of its defensiveness and it now looks more like a suitable castle for romantic relationships. Despite a lot of renovation that was done at the end of the 20th century all that could be retained of the old building has been retained. Much of the work done on the interior walls is protected and retains its shape that it had centuries ago from today.

The entire castle is surrounded by a park with lush green grass all over. The area for the park is huge and people buying this property for commercial purposes can use this area for many different business activities such as outdoor conferences, weddings, functions, auctions etc. There are 10 bedrooms in this huge castle and so a large family or 2 moderately sized families can easily live in it. For a single family this castle provides a lot of space to accommodate the guests in their own rooms and with the privacy they need.

The rooms in the castle are big with windows to let the sunlight in. There is nothing more romantic and memorable than having a light dinner or a cup of tea with snacks with your partner while standing at one of the towers of the castle. Purchaser of the castle can always add more accommodation to it due to the large area available. The castle is located only 16 miles away from Aberdeen. The beautiful blue sky with lush green grass on the ground and pinkish and greyish castle in the middle give you the opportunity to take some amazing shots from your professional camera.