Italian castle for sale - Piemonte

The Colossal Italian Castle That Can Be Purchased Now

If you search online you will see that thousands of castles are now on sale around the world. Some of these castles are actually from the old times whereas some have been built in the recent years to imitate the old castles only for the purpose of luxury and enjoying an accommodation that also reminds the dweller of historical art and architecture. However, you don’t get to see a castle as huge as the castle in Piemonte Torino, Italy on sale commonly. This is one of the biggest castles that are on sale right now and something that’s worth seeing.

The most noticeable thing about this castle is that it is really an ancient castle, not one built recently as an imitation. It is said that this castle might have been built around 9th century. This amazing structure still looks tall and spreads its beauty and enthralling aura during the night when it lights up. It is also a noticeable accommodation because some of the most renowned personalities of the world have lived in this castle such as Savoia, Holy Roman Emperors, King Arduino etc. This castle hosts complete privacy but it is not a secluded structure and rather has many homes in its surrounding.

This is a huge structure occupying an area of 3700 square meters on the land. It is exclusively for people who want to experience the luxury at its peak. The castle is surrounded by its gardens where you can take a stroll or invite guests for parties, functions and gatherings. The chapel of this castle is another great structure that will take you back to the 9th century as soon as you enter it. The castle is centuries old but it has recently gone under renovations and this is why you can now find the latest facilities of the modern life in it.

The ancient aura of the castle has not been lost during the renovations but inside the castle all the modern facilities have been introduced. Due to its big size it has 30 bedrooms in it so this castle can accommodate many families at the same time. In addition to that, the castle has 47 bathrooms. The wall around the castle is thick and made of hard stones. The lighting in the castle is exquisite and you can see the effect and perfect location of the lightings at night when the entire castle glows up.

All the rooms are big and completely adorned with furniture, fixture, curtains, blinds, carpets etc. The ceilings of the rooms are adorned with beautiful and historic artwork. The bedrooms of the castle are some of the roomiest rooms you will ever get to live in. There are windows in the bedrooms giving a great view of the outside world and letting the sunshine in when you wake up in the morning. Many of the rooms in the castle can be converted into conference rooms and dining rooms. It can be a perfect place for a hotel with a medieval theme and so businessmen should definitely consider buying this property as an investment.