Castles for sale: BALLINDOOLEY castle in ireland

Castles for sale: The Ballindooley Castle In Ireland Awaits You

Living in a house is a dream but living in a castle is a bigger one. Not everyone can afford to live in a castle but luxury has no boundaries and if you have the money to buy one for you and your family and the fondness of living in a castle you shouldn’t hesitate from buying one. When it comes to buying a castle you have 2 options: 1) an old and medieval castle and 2) a new and modern building built as a castle. Among hundreds and thousands of castles available for buying around the world is the Ballindooley castle in Ireland.
This is a historic castle in Ireland that looks more like a tower because of its taller height than the width. The castle is in good condition for living and this is why it is on sale. It has undergone renovation and recovery to make it a safe place for living. It is said that this castle must have been built in the last quarter of 15th century. DeBurgo family is considered to be the owner and builder of this Norman castle. Just a little more than 2 decades ago, the castle had not received much attention and was ruined and in very fragile condition.
The size of this beautiful structure is 3400 sq ft and has 4 floors.

There is a rooftop to offer you some of the most stunning views of the surroundings. The important thing to know here is that this castle will be sold not empty but with all of the stuff that’s inside the castle. The fixtures, furniture, curtains on the windows, carpets and rugs on the floor etc. will all be sold with the castle. The rooftop has been fully renovated so you can always spend some time there after escaping your busy schedule.
The huge bedroom that can accommodate a double bed is located on the ground floor of the castle. There is a bathroom on this floor too along with cupboards and other utilities. The first floor is 18ft high, which is quite high. This floor serves as the reception room and is a perfect place to sit and enjoy some chatting in cold weather due to the presence of a beautiful fireplace. There is also a large kitchen on this floor. Third floor is also a living room with a great height of nearly 15ft. If you like to gather people at home and be the host, this is the perfect floor for such parties.
There is a mezzanine floor which is also the 4th floor. This floor is also a bedroom to accommodate couples and be the most romantic bedroom for newly wedded. Of course, you can consider renting this floor to couples after you have bought the castle. This tower-like castle stands in the middle of lush green grass and trees. The castle has been renovated but it still retains its old look and the inside will make you feel as if you are living in the same old 15th century. The tables, drapes, curtains, couches and chandeliers have been perfectly selected to decorate this wonderful fortress.